Using KWella Lotion for scabies

Kwella lotion is used to clean the tiny parasites in the body, often these parasites are too small to see. Scabies parasitic or similar parasites cause itching and are contagious. He does not die with soap or shampoo.

The most commonly used treatment is Kwelleda lotion, you can easily get from the pharmacy. When using Lotion in Kwellada, a beautiful bath is first made in the evening, then the body is dried, a lotion is applied on the clean body, you can apply it with a cotton, but if you want to spread thoroughly, pour it into your hand and apply it with your hand like oil. If you do not have excessive sensitivity on your skin, you cannot notice the lotion. After drying, you can reach out and relax easily.

Do not wash after applying the lotion, sleep at night. The parasites that try to emerge at night will die and all will be cleaned.

Remove all your clothes and towels the next day to be washed with hot water. Bathe beautifully. So you get rid of all parasites.

Even if there is a parasitic at home, everyone should be applied to Kwelleda lotion. Otherwise, the parasite you are cleaned will be infected after a few days.

Kwella Losyon nasıl kullanılır

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