LOVE. Who is Şebnem in the series

Love The series is among the series that will bring a lot of sound. Love starts in the new season on Wednesday evenings.

Love series has a large audience with its famous staff. Handsome actor Hakan Kurtaş is the role in the series Kerem`dir. Tandoğan) He says that he has a very different character in real life with his character.


Gülüm Gül ( rose)

Çınaraltı (Mystery)

Bullet Wound (Tulip)

Great Hopes (Joy)

Aşka Exile (Dilan Şahvar)

ah istanbul (sea)

29-30 (Aysel)

Tigris (Tigris)

Lamia Yilmaz from lips

Grand Bazaar Diyar

Behzat Ç. ILGIN

toxic ivy Rub>

Once Upon a Time Ottoman: Doomsday Canseza

Leyla and Mecnun Elanor

A.Ş.K. Şebnem

Aslı Tandoğan Pictures

Aşk dizisi şebnem kimdir

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