How old can I be a player

age doesn't matter to become a star. Series or films are seen in all ages players. But your guardian's permission is required to play in the series.

Being an actor must be developed in this regard. acting is a profession that needs to be done by willingly. . Acting is a flashy profession. If you want to do a game of a cast agency, you will be invited to the preliminary interview by applying to a registration. When there is a role that suits you, the agency reaches you.

Cast Agency Addresses

Oyuncu olmak icin kaç yaşında olmak gerekir

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Yasim 13,Viyanada kaliyorum bende cok oyuncu olmak istiyorum bu benim dileyim keske benimde bir rolüm olsa ama viyanada kaliyorum yardimci ola bilirmisiniz vve ailemin bundan haberi yok astlinda ama lütfen cok istiyorum!!!