Symptoms of falling in love, side effects and treatment

Falling in love: It starts unexpectedly in a friend environment or is a situation where the person who is curious about dating sites encounters. In the process of falling in love, it goes to the stage of being dear .

Symptoms of falling in love are.


  • Eye darkening, the desire to always look into his eyes
  • The disappearance of the flaws of the person who is in love
  • Dizziness
  • Don't hide your bad habits to show yourself well
  • Effort to make kinds of monkeys and look cute

The signs of falling in love in the advanced stage are as follows:

  • Don't feel happy,
  • Extreme energetic situation,
  • All kinds of events look beautiful
  • other people do not come attractive (even if it is a model or famous)
  • Instead of the need to see it instead of food and drinking, the need to see it,
  • to be full of energy even though he does not eat
Symptoms seen in case of response to your love:

  • Hand in hand, more touching desire to touch
  • Together Together to the morning
  • Don't feel like there are no other people in the world
  • Life is more meaningful
  • Making future plans
  • Marriage Dreams Dreams
  • Our picture and video guide for special moments: (how to kiss)

After this stage, it ends as a marriage or passes to the abandonment stage. We do not explain the marriage part here because it is out of the scope of the subject. The abandonment phase is the worst side effect of love, urgent treatment should be found.

The stage of falling in love and abandonment:

  • The effort to burn everything that belongs to him
  • Effort to forget your phone and address
  • The tendency to be an enemy with everyone who has a reason to meet
  • A knot effect starting from the abdomen to the throat
  • The tendency to eat or drink itself (both are very bad effects, leads to consequences that will lead to regret in the future)
  • The effort to return with a last hope
  • The stage of deleting everything

This section continues to decrease until someone else's life. In institutions where he cannot find someone else, it can turn into chronic disease called "Kara Sevda".

If it enters the life of another person who values ​​him, life returns to the normal course of life and the above operations develop starting from the first item.

The issue that the close friends of the person who is in love should pay attention to is not to leave him alone and to be friends with the person he is in love with. It should meet the pink dreams with understanding and apply activities with a calming effect as time.

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