Adsense payments

Adsense is the income of those who own the website wherever they are.

Adsense is an advertising network that can include all the types of adsense or small advertising. Her moon gives hundreds of dolmar to site owners. In order to earn money from the network, it is necessary to understand two different systems of Google. How to Use from Adsense?

What needs to be done using Google's adsense service can earn money. .

When to make adsense payments

Adsense payments are normally made at the end of the month. Most of the time, when 28 of the month comes, money is sent as EFT. But if you are a new member, do not expect payment at the end of the same month. Since Adsense payments are made towards the same time, the account is collected on the 15th of the month and paid at the end of the next month.

Adsense Nedir

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