Adsense Advertising System

Adsense is an advertising system produced by Google. Adsense gives money per click. This is called Pay Per Click (PPC).

Adsense first scans the contents of the web page and starts to show ads related to the site within a few days. Thus, to give an example; "Car for sale" ads appear on a site that gives information about cars. In this way, Google will protect advertisers and sell advertisements because it reaches the target audience. A toy car for children on a toy car site "car for sale" ad will be very irrelevant and does not bring any profit for the advertiser.

Visitors to Adsense web page does not pay to see ads. He pays for visitors if they click on the ad. The system, which is an advanced step of this, is called affiliate. In the affiliate system, the visitor must shop after clicking on the ad. Google also uses the affiliate system in foreign countries. Online shopping in Turkey is not enough adsense because it is not enough.

Adsense System: Click Cost X Clicks Number = Earnings. The more clicked it is, the more profit it brings. However, it is prevented by the same person's repetition of the advertisement by tracking system and IP protection. Clicking on ads by the page owner is a serious punished crime.

If your website is indifferent and ridiculous ads on your website, then you can think that the content of the site is insufficient. You can increase your advertising revenue with side topics to be added to the site content. For Adsense, you can look at which topics you will add to the new article. Adsense is one of the side categories on your site.

Example: If you have a web page on computer software, you will probably not be able to get more boiler. In addition to your site, your advertising revenue will increase thanks to the "computer hardware review" corner. You will also provide useful information to your visitors. You should decide what kind of ads will be directed to.

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