Is it harmful to waxing

The biggest problem of the ladies is the endless ordeal I wonder if I get my waxing, or if I get the epilator, it will not disappear very dear, I will use a razor, I use it, how to use it.

However, the most preferred method is in the wax for years, the network has no harm that has been proven to the skin, but rather harmful than other products. However, there are issues that we need to pay attention to before the network. In the same area, more than one network should not be applied. It should not be heated too much. Neither cold nor hot should be a little more warm than warm, we should feel more warmth in the network is not possible to take your hairs healthy. It is harmful because it will burn your skin in the excess hot wax, it is harmful because it will break the hairs if it is too cold.

Another feature of the network because it takes the feather root compared to other tools or creams causes it to be later and softer. Some side effects may be seen if not applied correctly.

Damages of the Wrong Network
  • hair bottom to the bottom,
  • Bruises,
  • hair rotation,
  • trace remainment,
  • Tahting of the skin

For this reason, it is more accurate for someone who knows the waxing.

As an alternative to the network laser hair removal can be done, but before laser hair removal, consult the skin doctor, laser epilation is harmful to sensitive skin.

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