What is Blu-Ray Film?

Blu-Ray Film is called the film that allows five times more clear monitoring than normal broadcast. Blu-ray `` Disk 8,5GB capacity is written. The name is called dual -layer DVD. Below is a normal broadcast with Blu-Ray Film Publication.

Blu-ray movies to watch the television will be full hd and your media player should be a Blu-Ray player. There are currently many Blu-Ray players on the market. The game machine can play the PlayStation3 Blu-Ray discs. Since it is a Sony brand, it gives a very high quality image.

Blu-Ray Player


These devices must be connected to each other with the HDMI cable. Make sure that the HDMI cable is gold -tipped to get more efficiency from the film, because it is the best conductive gold, the gold -tipped cables carry the pleasure of the cruise to the high levels. Gold -tipped HDMI cables are sold in all electronics. The price is not high because it is only the coating. It can be at prices like 25-50 TL.

HDMI Cable

Blu-ray film nedir

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