I cut my face while shaving

If you do not use an electric ready shaving machine, there is only the option to use a razor. The type of razor you use when you become a beard shaving is very important. In addition, the shaving cream will be useful because it provides lubricity and relieves your skin.

Use shaving soap or shaving cream when shaving. To make a shave easier, you can first put a shave gel on your face.

Shaving Handsome is one of the conditions to be produced for a man. Other conditions are to dress up well and to be well -groomed. Do not say "would male groomed", girls like men who take care of themselves.

You can show that you are more well -groomed by making different beard models to be used and cutting the shaved parts. Men with hair loss can attract attention elsewhere by making ball beard or shaped beard cutting.

What is a shave gel

Shaved gel is a jelly consistency cream. When you put it on your face, it turns into a foam when it comes into contact with the air. According to the shaving foam, it foams a few seconds late. But the effect is stronger. It provides a smoother shave. I cut my face while shaving

While shaving, the cut traces disappear in a short time, of course, if you cut too deep, it is necessary to close it with tincture and wound band. Especially during adolescence, you can cut your face while shaving due to acne. Sometimes there may be a cutting of acne, and there will be a trace of cutting of acne. For this reason, be very careful when shaving, especially in acne areas, act very slowly. Using a high quality brand shaving knife will reduce the likelihood of cutting. Will shaving disrupt the ablution?

Careful beard shave does not break the ablution, ablution is the cause of deterioration of ablution and blood comes. If you make a cut enough to flow blood, your ablution will be broken.

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