Why does the washing machine walk?

It is a common condition in old washing machines. It can be seen that the washing machine walks when it finishes and squeezed. This is not any failure; There is only feet under the machine and the foot adjustment is broken.

If it is only 30 seconds to correct the deteriorated foot setting, take a parrot pliers or set pliers. Go in front of the machine and look below. There are 2 round plastics under the machine under the machine, bring them the same paint and shake the machine to the left and right. If the washing machine was released, it was not. It makes a sound again in the laundry, and repeat it until you shake it when you shake it.

However, this is not only a solution for a single place. This is the ground soft carpet where the machine is placed in the soft carpet in this case, in this case, a marble cut of the machine under the machine by placing the marble under the machine can be solved. The important thing is that the machine is finding on a solid surface and there is no surface to slide below.

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