What is Akbank Swift Code

Swift is an online application that provides online funding between worldwide banks. There are all banks in the System in any country in the world, the transfer of funds to other country has been made possible to make it within seconds.

SWIFT OPENING; Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Turkish meaning; the world's inter -bank financial telecommunication association is in the form of the codes of the bank you want to reach the codes of the bank by visiting the official web page of the bank.


A few general banks Swift codes < B> < > B> < B> Akbank Swift Code: AKBKTRIS < BB> < BB>

< B> < > < BB> < BB>

< B> < BB> < BB>

< B> < B> < BB> < >

Akbank Svift (BIC) kodu nedir - swift kodları

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