How to choose a diamond ring

Diamond rings vary according to the characteristics of their stones, their models. symbolizes the value given by.

The pride and happiness of having a diamond ring among female friends sees itself one step ahead. Pırlanta varies according to the size of the ring stone. One of the gifts.Kadın is the nature of the man has a valuable goods as soon as the man feels how much he values ​​him. Pırlanta ring prices are almost appealing to every segment today. . .Pırlanta progresses from dark yellow to bright, vivid white.

The phrase called clarity in the diamond is also called as fingerprints of nature. The handling is formed by a great start in millions of years. There are tiny spots that can be seen with a special magnifying glass. These stains are carbon crystals. The better the color of the color, the more clear the diamond is valuable. The cut of the cutter is very important, the better the cut, the better the diamond light will reflect the light. There are very sensitive scales that measures.

The meaning of the diamond is infinite. The tradition of gifting a diamond ring began with the Austrian Archduke Maximillian in the 15th century, during the engagement of the Duchess of Burgony Mary. It comes directly to the heart. In diamond ring, the belt part can be natural, polished or facade. Belt thickness affects the brightness of the diamond. A thick arched diamond ring appears to be more matte.

This unique, valuable and destroyed stone has been used to symbolize love for centuries. As the meaning of love and devotion, the tradition of gifting the uniform diamond ring has spread to all cultures of the world today. No jewelry can symbolize and describe emotions and important moments of life as well as a diamond.

Diamond color letter codes

D-E-F = Colorless

g-h-i-j = rare white

k-l-m = white

N-O-P-Q-R = Color White

s-t-u-v-w-x-y-z = colorful

When choosing a diamond ring, the things that need to be considered

The fact that the diamond is really declared in color and clarity.

Diamonds have stock market prices. Pırlanta `s purchase and sale prices are certain in the world when buying diamonds.

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