Problems with marriage progress

Marriage When it is said that a warm home where two loves meet and a perfect environment in which love, conversation, love and great emotions will not be changed.

However, marriage means growing. To get all responsibilities to contribute to the formation of a family. Couples who can not be able to marry this responsibility is absolutely not recommended. Couples should respect each other. The person has a share in the deterioration of the relationship between them. The marriage is a sacred institution.

If you want a marriage that will continue for many years, you should avoid unfaithfulness. The most important reason for leaving in marriage is to be deceived.

Problems in Marriage

1) Unconstitutional: One of the couples deceiving another

2) Non -indifference: Decrease in the interest of couples after the first excitement.

3) Single thought; it is like one of the couples to think about selfish and build plans according to their own.

4) Irregularity: One of the couples is scattered without a duins and the other is regularly organized, one of the biggest problems to be experienced in the marriage of these two people.

5) Family: Married couples no longer marry and establish their own families, constantly arguing with each other for their own families, before the partner of one of their own family and clearly show this to the partner.

6) Change of emotions: According to dvranış, movements or manatonal of marriage, emotions lose the first current excitement.

7) Sexual problems: Lack of relationship between couples.

8) Unemployment: Before marriage, you have heard that I am willing to eat dry bread to be with you.

9) Alcohol: One of the spouses is not particularly dependent on alcohol and does not want to quit.

10) Incompatibility: The spouses' discussions are now returning to a fight and aloud discussions and even occasionally result in violence.

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