Fish cooking methods

Fish omega -3 is the richest nutrient source and healthy fed and especially children should consume at least this vitamin source per week.

The type of cooking varies according to the type of fish, the season. If not in the season, the best cooking method is frying. If you want to consume the grill should definitely prefer.Mangalı outdoors for people who can not burn on stove grills and oven grills can be recommended.

Cooking recommendations according to some fish species

Chipure: grilled or steamed

Anchovy: Optionally cooked.

SCORPITE: Soup, soup

Mackerel: Oven or in a pan

shield: Pan, tandoor, mist,

Mullet: Buğlama, pilate

Mackerel: Grilling or pan

Tekir: Pan, paper

Medding: Pan

Sardine: Pan, grilled, steamer, pilate and vine leaves

Bonito: Pan, grilled

Sea Bass: grilled, steaming

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