How many channels are there in digiturk?

The number of channels in the same varies according to the package you have received.

2012 entry package fee is 11.99 TL. This package contains all channels monitored with a normal satellite receiver.

All channels in Digiturk

After receiving your package with Digitürk, it offers you other additional packages, these packages charge 4tl more for your invoice every month.

  • Documentary Package
  • Children's Package
  • Sports lover package
  • Music and Entertainment Package
  • News and World Package

Moreover, the 5th pleasure package is given to any 4 pleasure packages.

*To select Platinum packages, you need to choose at least two of the pleasure packages.
** Each pleasure package is charged with 4 TL per month.

Additional Packages

Platinum Packages

  • Series Package: For series, the world's renowned series and brand new seasons are available in series packages.

Platinum Packages

Platinum Package Conditions

Watch the team you want on Lig TV, pay as much as you watch.

  • Super League Package
  • Champions Package
  • Anatolian Champion Package
  • Anadolu Fan Package

Platinum Football Package

Platinum Package Conditions

Additional packages

  • Advantage Package
  • Advantage Adult Package
  • adult package
  • Sports Extra

You can choose from additional packages, you just pay what you watch.

HD pleasure

2 of Digiturk `` 3D 3D in full 24 HD channels in films more fluent than ever, the tigers ever more predators, the series is more excited and goals more clear than ever ...

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