Bundesliga in which channel?

Bundesliga; It is the name of the German league. Bundesliga is broadcasting and live on TRT Spor (TRT3) channel. TRT Sports can be monitored without any problems on the antenna. Those who want to watch with satellite can enter and watch frequency information. However, some satellite receivers are only encrypted during the match hours. The reason for this is the monitoring of the Türksat satellite in Germany. The publisher in Germany does not allow it to be watched free of charge from its own country. If your device is entering the encrypted broadcast during the match hours, those who reside in Turkey can go to any electronic shop and remove this password to a very small fee. This is a legal method called Biss Key in the name of this event.

TRT Sports Frequency Information

Satellite: Türksat 3a
TRT 3: 11919 V - Vertical West 24444 3/4 812 813 TURKSAT 3A

Bundesliga hangi kanalda

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