Why can't I sleep

Don't you want to go to bed? Can't you turn to the right and sleep in bed? Can't you wake up from sleep and sleep again while you are asleep? Is your sleep often divided?

If you are experiencing one or more of what we have mentioned above, we will share the causes of your insomnia and what you need to do for a good sleep. First of all, let's talk about the reasons for the sleep problem.

Causes of insomnia

  • Mental changes (such as depression)
  • Caffeine drinks and foods (such as tea, coffee, cola and chocolate)
  • Drugs, alcohol and cigarette use
  • Being under extreme stress
  • A uncomfortable bed
  • television, computer and mobile phone in the bedroom
  • Climate Changes
  • old age
  • The fall of blood sugar
  • Vitamin deficiency (especially vitamins C, B3 and B6)
  • Sleep Pills
  • Respiratory disorders (such as asthma)
  • Restless Legs Syndrome (It is a sense of numbness, tingling, pain and restlessness felt in the legs during sleep or rest.)
  • Side effects seen in some of the drugs
  • Pregnancy
  • menapose
  • APNE (Standing of Breath in Sleep)
  • Intensive and irregular working hours
  • The change of order (change of the place where you are constantly sleeping)
  • Spending too much time in front of television and the internet
  • Environmental factors (noise, snoring, sleep in light light)

The above reasons may cause temporary sleep disorders or may cause long -term sleep disorders. With a healthy sleep, you can have a clearer memory, a more fit body and a better mood. At this point, we see additional information about what you need to do.

Solutions for insomnia

  • Check your sleep pattern: Make a weekly schedule and calculate how much you sleep a day. In this chart, note when you go to bed, when you get up, and how many times you wake up if you wake up at night. In this way, you can get data about your sleep problem and check yourself according to the data you obtain.
  • Put against stress: You can listen to calm music and relax to get rid of the stress you have experienced all day long. It will be good again in a hot shower. Try to stay away from stress during the day.
  • Pay attention to caffeine -containing foods: Do not consume caffeine -containing foods in the afternoon. If you bought a lot of caffeine, edit caffeine with carbohydrate foods (eg bread).
  • Do not consume too much liquid in the evenings: This will often the need to go to the toilet at night and will give you out of your sleep.
  • If your beds and pillows are not comfortable, replace: your bed and pillows are comfortable to reduce your waist and back pains and so you can get a comfortable sleep.
  • Stop smoking: Nicotine is a powerful stimulus. It affects the body for 14 hours. If you are going to smoke, try not to smoke at least 14 hours before bedtime.
  • Do regular exercises: Regular exercises will make you healthier both physically and mentally, as well as your sleep patterns.
  • Avoid excessive eating in the evening: Avoid excessive and heavy food eaten in the evening. Eat lighter foods for dinner.
  • Do not take alcohol before going to bed: alcohol may awaken you from your sleep due to headache. If you have 1 cup of alcohol, drink water in 1 cup and provide your water balance in the body.
  • For milk without sleeping: Hungry to bed as a hungry can cause sleep late and wake up. Milk will create a feeling of satiety and regulate your blood sugar. If you are very hungry, eat 2 simple biscuits. (not with chocolate or cream)
  • For herbal teas in the evening: Chamomile and mint tea will take your stress in this sense and prepare you for sleep. It is useful to drink 1 cup every evening. It will be much more effective if you squeeze in lemon.
  • Let your room be dark or dim: If you say I can't sleep without light, do not think that you sleep healthy with light. It may be the light or night light of the corridor, but you should close the light of the room you are lying.
  • Make sure to sleep at the same time: if you want a healthy sleep, edit your sleep hours and uptake hours.
  • If you can't sleep, do not force yourself: If you had more than 20 minutes in bed and you couldn't sleep, then take a book in your hand and wait for sleep to call you.
  • In case of long -term insomnia, consult a doctor: If you are experiencing a insomnia problem exceeding 1 month, consult a doctor. You may need a drug -supported solution that cannot be improved with simple methods.

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