How does my prayer be accepted?

Prayer must be quiet, calm and awe. The prayer must be completely sincere and it is not right to use words such as "will not be accepted" after praying.

Prayers are accepted, but in some special times, prayers are better; Thursday at night connecting to Friday, after Friday prayer, Friday morning prayer, Ramadan prayers are very receipt, Prayers made on the night of Power, the prayers made at night, especially the prayer of the prayer on top of the night of the mosque in the night of the mosque in the night of the mosque. In the dus, feast of the feast and feasts made in the wars made closer to God and prayers are accepted.

The important point you need to know is that you do not know if your prayers are useful for you. For example, a prayer that "get my latest model car" is not sincere. It is more useful for you that it is not accepted. However, if you pray like this, there is no reason not to accept "My Lord and give me peace and health to my family and me"

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