English Pronunciation Examples

English Pronunciation Examples

There is a good poem about pronunciation below. If you read the words in this poem correctly, you are talking better and clean English than 90 %of English speakers.

After reading a few words from this poem, I need to work for six months to read 6 lines aloud.

Dearest Creature in Creation,
Study English Pronunciation. Suzy, Busy,
Make Your Head with Grow Grow Dizzy.
Tear in Eye, Your Dress Will Tear.
So Shall I! Oh Hear My Prayer. Br> , Show, Poem, and Toe.
Scholar, Vicar, and Cigar,
Solar, Mica, War and Far;
One, Anemone, Balmoral,
Kitchen, Lichen, Laundry, Laurel;
German, German, Wind and Mind,
Scene, melpomene, mankind. Should and Would. , Grieve and Sieve,
Friend and Fiend, Alive and Live.
Ivy, Privy, Famous; Clamor
and Enamour Rhyme with Hammer. with clalangour. Now First Say Finger,
and Theen Singer, Ginger, Linger,
Real, Zeal, Mauve, Gauze, Gouge and Gauge,
Marryage, Foliage, and Age.
With Very,
Nor Does Fury Sound Like BURY.
we say Actual But Vicual.
Reference Does Not Rhyme with Deafer. Ate Late.
Scenic, Arabic, Pacific,
Science, Conscience, Scientific. But Allowed,
People, Leopard, Towed, But Vowed. But Police and Lice;
Camel, Constable, Unstable,
Principle, Disciple, Label. and storm, chaise, chaos, chair,
Senator, Spectator, Mayor.
Tour, But Our and Succour, Four.
Gas, Alas, and Arkansas. ,
Psalm, Maria, But Malaria.
Youth, South, Southern, Cleanse and Clean. > Sally with Allly, Yea, Yea,
Eye, I, Ay, Aye, Whey, and Key. Heron, Granary, Canary.
Crevice and Device and Aerie. , Verging,
OUGHT, OUT, JOUS AND SCour, Scouring.
Hyphen, Roughen, Nephew Stephen,
Monkey, Donkey, Turk and Jerk,
Ask> Ask, GRASP, WASP, and CORK and WORK. Paling stout and spike?
Won? ,
Islington and Isle of Wight,
Housewife, Verdict and Indict. Sound of Cup.
My Advice is to Give Up !!!

Posted by G. Nolst Trenite

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