Which profession do you have money

There are many tests related to profession selection on the internet, and when you examine them, it will give you some ideas. Looking at the questions, you can decide which areas you love even on your own. From this point of view, it is very wrong for someone who is interested in historical researches go to the electronic section and read for 4 years to learn a profession that he would not like during his life.

An example test: https://sozluk.torpil.com/meslek-test.asp

Once you have an idea about the choice of profession, it will be best to ask someone who does that profession. It would be meaningless for someone who does not do the profession, because he cannot know how much earnings and what problems he has.

Let's come to computer topic

Although I don't know every branch, I can give an idea about my friends where my friends work or do. Everything in this section should not be forgotten will cause you to sit for hours and nights at the computer. If you like to walk around and clean air, do not enter the computer topic.

What is done on the computer is generally divided into 4 groups.

1- Writing programs (accounting program, account programs for workplaces, etc.)
2- Internet services (website, online advertising, etc.)
3- Graphic studies (2D, 3D, logo, poster, poster, Design)
4- Using programs (Office, Excel, starting with AutoCAD, Illustrator, Solidworks programs such as programs such as programs such as programs and aims to perform the tasks given with programs, there are no creative ideas in this category)


1- Programming: If you have any experience with programming, you have noticed that this is very boring and confusing. For those who love mathematics accounts and want to solve difficult problems, one of the branches that start with languages ​​such as C ++, C# and continue with languages ​​such as php, asp, java can be selected. When one is an expert, it is very easy to learn the others. But it requires good English.

2- Making a website: Middle-level English is a must for website making or online advertising. If you have reviewed programs such as Photoshop, Dreamveaower and satisfied? Web? You can look at the design topic. If you have not been interested in these two programs, you need to examine the options for advertising on the internet and advertising on Facebook, twitter.

3- Graphic Designer: If you want to draw on issues such as logo drawing, product design, advertising graphics, you must first specialize in 2-dimensional vector programs such as illustrator and corelDRAW. Although these programs are not taught in details in schools, you should know how to use pencils and tablets well and develop yourself in this field. After entering the secretion, you can also learn 3D programs according to its place.

4- Forced computer: The last option is a way I do not recommend. It is the choice of people who try to do this profession with the forcing of someone even though they do not like the computer. If you cannot produce something from scratch, for example, it is difficult to rise too much if you have chosen a profession to draw the picture drawn by the architect with AutoCAD only. Likewise, if you are trying to make a brochure using the logo drawn by someone else, something is always missing. If you don't have creative ability, it is more useful to look at other professions.

Finally, I can say that if you don't do your favorite profession, life doesn't taste much. If you work with pleasure in a profession you love, you can make yourself more advanced experts. You earn more money because you do it fondly.

Who will choose the profession you will love?

Of course you will choose yourself, just as others do not choose the food you eat, you can not choose the profession you will refute your life.

By the way: If you are too bored to read this article, stay away from the computer and paper, fishing, there is a driver, there are tourism branches to walk around the open field, there is acting for TV, cinema and theater, if you have a model, there is a model. As long as you do your favorite work, it will open to the doors. You won't be famous today, but you can't be a master in a day in any business.

If you pay attention, I have never entered the money issue, if you ask which profession there is money, you will do it wrong. The profession is not for money, but to work for life. The topic you will spend all your life should be a fun.

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