How can I be a director

You should decide what you designed and what is the work you want to do and try to progress on this road in high school.

If you have thought of being a director and if this is your goal and if you want to do this job as a professional job, you must get your education. Especially if you plan to be the director, Marmara University or Mimar Sinan University Cinema and TV Department, which can give you the best education, give you the best education in this regard. It is a school that can provide more business.

Directing Types

1) Animation Director

2) Artistic Director

3) Art Director

4) Casting Director

5) Festival director

6) Film Director

7) Photographer

8) Curator

9) Music Management

10) Video Clip Director

11) Orchestra conductor

12) Game Director

13) Television director

14) Theater director

15) Creative director

16) Documentary Director

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