What to do during transportation

As the time to move is approaching, and "How do I gather?", "How long can I gather?" "Can I gather properly?" If you say you can quit the bustle. We will tell you how to collect your household goods and what you need to pay attention to when collecting the items.

To collect household items, you first need to prepare things you may need.

The required list of needs to collect household goods

  • Plenty of cardboard parcels
  • The parcel band
  • Makas
  • Abundant newspaper paper
  • Label
  • Practice Pen
  • Foam
  • Nylon bag with balloon
  • Hurç or vacuum bag
  • Laundry rope
  • Large stretch film

You made the necessary preparations and are you ready to package. Then where should we start packaging, how to follow a path, let's talk briefly.

What to do to collect household goods

  • Start with collecting your items that are easy to collect in goods and will not affect your daily life. For example, such as books, trinkets.
  • Create separate parcels for each room when collecting. For example, the kitchen utensil and bedroom items should not be in the same box.
  • Surely wrap your fractures with paper. If you do not, even the contacts of the goods during moving may cause them to break.
  • When you finished putting goods in the parcels, tape the boxes with parcel bands, and for example, the kitchen utensil is "kitchen utensils" stating that the label on the chilin.
  • Tap not only the upper side of the boxes but also the lower side so that if it is opened, there is no spill.
  • You can write big attention with the parcel pen on your items to be broken. In this way, the person who makes the transport will make the necessary placement accordingly.
  • If there is a gap between the items to be broken, it is very important to close the gaps with the help of foam to protect the internal structure of technological products.
  • After moving, prepare a separate box for you urgently for the necessary items and note that with the duct tape with the urgent requirements. For example, such as cups, tea, water heater, coffee and snacks.
  • Spend at least 2 -day outfits as the placement will take long as much as home collecting. (Including pajamas and nightgowns you will wear at night.)
  • To prevent scratching your furniture while transporting, cover it with cloths like a linen.
  • Try to put your cable and repair tool boxes in the same box in terms of their discovery.
  • Technological products with balloon nylon bags and parcel tape with the help of tape in the boxes.
  • Cover the refrigerator and washing machine with the help of parcel cardboard and parcel tape. Big parcels will be required for this. If you cannot find it, you will do the same job in the blankets you do not use.
  • Make sure that the parcels you put your belongings are not heavy and whether the parcel can carry the items. For example, if you put a lot of books on a large box, the parcel will not be able to remove this weight.
  • Pillow, quilts and sheets by putting vacuum bags or hurca to keep them clean against a situation that will be born during transport.
  • Create separate boxes for chemical products such as cleaning products.
  • Roll your carpets beautifully and tie them with laundry ropes. You can cover it with big debt stretch films.
  • It will be useful to carry your documents such as lease, marriage certificate, dipping, for example.
  • You can share the items that are no longer necessary for you by making a separate box and share it with someone in need.
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