Galatasaray rhyme

We were born in 1905, our love, yellow-red flowing blood. Cimbombom sacrifice to you, our dear, we are always with you until you die.

Our difference is our style is cimbomlu .. or we are full silence or vomit blood.

Just as we came, we will go one day. Galatasaray from Galatasaray Galatasarayli died

lad man winged team does not hold, tutsada lad will not. Being a galatasaray is a privilege.

This strange world is incomprehensible in our life, Galatasaray can not love anyone else.

No need to roar, my lion, your nobility is enough.

How is this the crown of this nation with the moon, Yüksel Taa Arsan glorious Galatasaray

There is no need for no word! Because; There is no other team to be kept other than Galatasaray.

If you have anything to do something if you know that if you know, bury it to our hearts.

I am a lifetime fans! I am yellow-red, fire and lion, fifty thousand sounds for the victory of a single mouth for the victory of my cheer, I stored forever every valuable moment.

Galatasaray tekerlemeleri

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