How to use the internet

An invaluable feeling to reach every point of the world at any time with a single button at the bottom of your hand was met from the libraries from Encyclopedias when there was no internet years ago.

Today, up to our internet foot library, encyclopedias, entertainment centers, TV`y, radio, hospitals in short, we should know how to benefit from this service that brings everything to our feet. The internet, which allows you to bring this opportunity to your home with a single button without having to go shopping at times, is now unconditionally a necessity in every house. Using our own interests prevents us from being damaged by people we do not know. Or they should not use it on sites that he is not given.

A few examples of the convenience of the Internet to human life

1) Find your friends that you cannot reach or lost.

2) You can easily make your payments.

3) Reading books

4) Watching TV

5) Doing homework

6) To carry out state -related transactions online.

7) To have information about all the issues you are curious about

8) Holiday facilities

9) To read daily newspaper

10) To shop without fatigue.

11) To find someone who can chat at any time

a lot of opportunities that we can not count yet bring to its users' feet. Computer, mobile phone or tablet computer can be used to use the internet. Pages can be opened with internet explorer or browsers such as firefox, chrome or opera can be used to make it faster.

Internet ne işe yarar

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