How to make judo

Judo is a Far Eastern sport.judo was born from an old Jiu Jitsu.

The Judo in the last century Japanese Jiu Jitsu master Kano Cigoro developed between 1860-1938.judo Japanese `s beautiful way or soft method is a sport. Judo training consists of three steps.1. Real encounters begin in the third stage.

Use Materials When Making Judo

Used in 14x14 meters of cushion matches in the middle of a competition area of ​​8x8 meters.

Judoka called the judoists, one white and the other blue to be blue pants made of trousers and a plenty of plenty of jacket wears a garment. These clothes are called Judogini.

In Judo sport, the waist is indicated by the color of the connected belt. There are six degrees until it is mastered. The colors of the generations from new to beginners are white, yellow, orange, green, blue and brown. After that, the black belt, which is a sign of mastery, comes. The degree of craftsmanship on the black belt is called dan. Later, in the 9 and 10 Dan, a red belt is attached.

Judo nasıl bir spordur

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