The most expensive of the phones that have been released so far is the most thin iphone5, as well as its lightness and all its attractiveness, the iPhone5 has broken sales records from the moment it appeared with its large screen with its excellent design.

with the image of the 4 -inch retina screen dazzling the gaze of the iPhone5 with the closer you will see everything you look at.

The features of this phone does not end with counting thin and stylish look large screen and unlimited wireless connection in the face of the battery does not diminish.

Prices of this excellent technology wonder

iPhone 5/16 GB 2,169,00 TL

iPhone 5/32 GB 2,520,00 TL

iPhone 5/64 GB 2,928,00 TL

IPhone 5 Fiyatları ve özellikleri

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