Memati Watch the new series

Memati (Gürkan Uygun) with a new image and role that will surprise all fans with a series of bombs in the new season of September comes with a series of bombs.

Memati will meet with the audience with a completely different personality from a hard, bully and belligerent typing. Gürkan plays the role of Gürkan Uygun. After a while, Gürkan Uygun Fans will love him in the new role. Gürkan Uygun said that he works with a staff and that he was impatient for the publication of the first part of the series.

illegal series Gürkan Uygunun name Serhat Hakri `ir.Serhat Hakri is a former police officer and operates a tea quarry in an almost abandoned village of Anatolia.

Illegal series Gürkan Uygun new version

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