How to play clans?

Clans are an online browser game played over the internet. The goal in the game is to take the village.

VILLAGE CENTER Official is shared above and enter the main building from this center and increase the building level.

In the game, the aim is to get the village first to get the palace first. For the palace, your main building level must be 20 blacksmiths and the level of your market place is 10.

After pressing the palace, it is necessary to press a missionary to buy a village. The missionary comes out of the palace. When you send a missionary to a village after pressing the missionary, the village passes to you, but you should kill all the soldiers in the village.

Some types of soldiers have some types of soldiers. Some of these soldiers are ideal types for defense.

Soldiers prone to defense

  • sword master
  • Spear
  • archer (not every world)
  • Heavy Horse

Attacking soldiers on the attack

  • Baltacı
  • Lightly Horse
  • Equestrian Archer

Units Providing Building Level

  • Şahmerdan
  • The catapult

You can swap clay, wood and iron with your friends thanks to the market place. You will need these materials at any time to develop and press unit in the game.

From the workshop; You can print the Shahmer and Manico.

Sur makes an important contribution to repelling a girl of the attacks.

Horse soldiers are printed in the barn.

You will store your ingredients in the warehouse.

You will also print soldiers in your barracks.

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