How to play Goalunited?

Goalunited is an online manager game played over the internet. You do not need to download the game to play.

How to play Goalunited?


The most important point to pay attention to is which match you give the instruction. The figure I show below is the necessary information for new players.

1- First of all, the strategy that the first eleven will play in the match is determined.

2- He himself is a situation that requires a lot of details (revealing the player's existence during the match). Of course, this causes the player to spend more power and gets tired quickly.

3- The most important detail in the game is to determine tactics. During the match you can choose the tactic you want from your players. You will learn over time by trying your tactic. You must do the tactic yourself in every match. The ready -made tactic of the game does not give you any plus.

4- Markaj (Determine your defense system)

Identify offside tactic

6- Location of your players are very important here, because in this section, more than one position has occurred in one position. You will develop which player to put the player by taking advantage of your own experience.

7- To name your tactic is always the right decision. It offers more practical use to other matches.

After all the settings I have described in detail, do not forget to record.

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