How to start Knight Online?

Knight Online is the MMORG style played on the internet. In order to play Knight online, it is necessary to register and download it first. You can enter the game and select Knight.

When you first start the game, you will first choose the server you want to start and ask you for the race. There are two races in the game. These; El Morad and Karus Tour. In both races, it has its own characteristics. El Morad is an animal.


Warrior; Warriors use all kinds of weapons are effective in one -to -one wars.

Priest; Priests usually contract with parties that are not contracted by parties in the party, the characters in the party provide life and power.

MAGE; Mages are a magician, they contract with magic.

Rogue; Archers hunt their opponents remotely.

Creating Party and Clan;

When creating a party, the characters will be a healthy choice to have 2 pieces of each character in each party.

When creating a clan, the President of the Clan must allocate a certain amount of time to the game every day. The clan president will rise in the level of clan as he jumps.

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