Who is Mehmet Ali Birand

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Mehmet Ali Birand has been born in Ankara on 09 December 1941.

Mehmet Ali Birand, even 2 years of age, his father closed his eyes to life. On the way, Abdi İpekçi, who he knew from Galatasaray High School, said if you find interesting things in England.

Mehmet Ali Birand, after his marriage to the Milliyet newspaper Brussels branch was sent. After 20 years of staying in Turkey returned to Turkey.Mehmet Ali Birand at the same time in the years when he stayed in many books. Thinking in 1985, he made the TV program called 32nd Day. He has received many awards during his life.

Mehmet Ali Birand, a very sought -after newscaster is a good writer and a successful person in many branches. He has added a slope of his success. >

He died of sudden discomfort after his surgery on 17 January 2013.

Mehmet Ali Birand is Kurdish

Mehmet Ali Birand The TV program named Söz Sende made a statement from his own mouth:

" My family's mother Kurd. Elazığ Palu was born in Palu. I do not know whether my family hid it, but. In my childhood, there was never a Kurdish bet. He would talk about Celal Bayar. Because nationalized mines, money went. "He asked my uncle. My uncle said," You got half the Kurdish. "In fact. In fact, our Kurdishness came out. I don't feel like a Kurdish nationalist. I am a Turk. It turned out that I was, but I was proud of it too. "

Mehmet Ali Birand is Kurdish by the mother in the form of his own mouth.

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