What are the fees of TV series players

Being an actor at a time when the series is watched so much, acting is not a very easy job.

In series or movies, now very well -known faces play the leading role rather than the leading roles on the screen is tried to be introduced to the audience. If you do not play in the middle of a series in the middle of the leading roles in the other series you can have the chance to play in the lead role more. Prices vary according to the role played in cases or movies.

player fees

Director 7 thousand to 30 thousand TL

screenwriter 7 thousand to 20 thousand TL

Musician 4 thousand to 15 thousand TL

Assistant Director: Between a thousand and 5 thousand TL

leading actor: 8 thousand to 50 thousand TL

middle player: 6 thousand to 15 thousand TL

New Player: 3 thousand to 5 thousand TL

Dialogue player: between 100 TL and 750 TL

Agency Dialogue Player: Between 100 TL and 300 TL

Agency image figure: 75 to 100 TL

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