How to make a protein diet

Protein diet is a diet that is not taken carbohydrates.

In order to make a protein -weighted diet, the person should have no problems with his kidneys. He completely removes the carbohydrates from his life. He fed only protein -weighted. The example that can be given well can be given dried legumes. Every kind, cucumbers, tomatoes and milk. When you apply a diet without a carbohydrate, you need to drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day. Because the protein is tired of the kidneys, the water is cleaned. Especially Canan Efendigil Karataya warns the theories that upset the known theories and proven tested practices about the diet of the diet. is an expert.

Especially in obese people, the biggest assistant of fat burning from the body is to be aware of the fact that protein should be fed.

Protein diet can eat foods

Eggs, milk, butter, chicken, meat, cheese, all legumes, all greenery, cucumber, tomato, pepper, all vegetables all types of cheese, chicken doner, meat doner, bread or pide -free types of kebabs, fish and all sea Products.

All of the foods can be consumed by grilling, boiling or frying as desired. It is sufficient to avoid only carbohydrate foods and beverages in the Protein diet.

Protein diyeti nedir

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