Who is Bülent İnal

Tatar Ramadan, one of the magnificent series of ATV, is also the leading actor of Tatar Ramadan Ramadan, the actor who is very familiar with everyone. He is a very successful player.

TV series and movies played by Bülent İnal


Short passing in a narrow area


Mizontele Tuuba

While waiting for paradise

Children of another neighborhood

Stone letter

Mukhtars of the neighborhood

Attention is a baby

number seven

Brave Doubt

Runs in the Dark


Love and Pride

Bullet Wound

Under linden

Bullet Wound

A Love Story

Love Way


Heartless Man

Does this heart forget you?

Endless song

I liked a child

Tatar Ramadan

Bülent İnal Pictures

Tatar Ali dizisinde ki Tatar Ali kimdir

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