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Driving Driving Course Traffic Questions

1-In what case a vehicle is considered invalid without any registration document?

a) When the examination period is passed

b) When the registration certificate is not kept in the vehicle.

c) When technical changes are made on

D) If the maintenance is not done regularly

2-How many meters should the length of the connection between the defective vehicle and the vehicle with a firm vehicle should be maximum?

A) 5 B) 3 C) 2 D) 4

Which of the following vehicles cannot be used with the 3-B class driver's license?

A) Tractor B) Placement C) Motorcycle D) Minibus

4-Which of the following will notify the junction of the secondary way?





5-What does the traffic sign report?

a) Bus road

b) You have a speed limitation on buses.

c) that the bus cannot enter.

D) Parking of the buses.

6-Depending on the amount of alcohol in the blood of the drivers, increases in the risk of accidents have been given.

Which of the following is definitely?

Amount of alcohol in blood (promil)

Increase risk risk (as many)

0.5 - 1.0 - 2.0 2 -10 -25

a) that alcohol does not show the same effect on every driver.

b) The risk of accident increases due to the amount of alcohol in the blood.

c) In a small amount of alcohol strengthens the reflex of the driver.

D) In ​​our country, the appropriation of alkyls is increasing

7-What to do when you see the traffic sign in the shape?

a) Speed ​​is reduced, the left signal is given.

b) The speed is kept constant.

c) Reduction is reduced, if any, the prohibition of passing is followed.

D) The speed is increased, the signal is given to the right.

8-Which of the inhabitants is considered a primary flaw in a traffic accident?

a) Driving your vehicle slowly unless it is compulsory.

b) Not keeping the driver's license next to.

c) Passing at the red light.

D) Carry load on the transport limit.

9-Which tool should the first pass at the uncontrolled intersection in the shape use?

A) Motorcycle B) Horse Car C) Possilet D) Car

10-The number 1 vehicle driver in the unidirectional road as in the Figure is wrong to do below?

a) attention to the tracking distance with the vehicle in front of it.

b) Using the left lane to pass.

c) Warning the vehicle in front of him to ask him to accelerate.

D) Watching through the right lane.

11-The road lines do not report which of the following?

a) Continuous line can not pass the vehicle in front of the vehicle.

b) The vehicle on the line side should be seen on its own lane.

c) that the vehicle in front of the vehicle on the cut line side.

D) The road on the cut line side will only be used by heavy vehicles.

12-As in the Fig, which of the following drivers who want to return to the right to do wrong?

a) Completion of their return in the left lane.

B) Reduction of speeds.

c) Returning with a narrow curve.

D) Approaching the right to the right from the lane.

13-Drivers approaching pedestrian and school passages determined by traffic sign plates is wrong to do?

a) Passing pedestrians by warning.

b) Giving the right to pass to pedestrians.

C) Slows.

D) To comply with the instructions of the school gate officer.

14-Which of the lower is true according to the focus?

15-In the light traffic device, red light and green arrow light burns together.

This situation informs the drivers which of the following.

a) The road is open in all directions.

b) Only returned to the right.

c) only to turn left.

D) You can go straight.

16-Which of the following reports that the road has been closed to vehicle traffic in both directions?





Special vehicle drivers carrying 17-Calma or emergency, how can they use the right to transition advantage?

a) accompanied by escort

B) By installing a mobile peak lamp.

c) By giving voice or light signs.

D) By having a watchman in their vehicles.

18-The driver of the vehicle number 3 on one-way road, according to the shape, should wait for which one of the following should be realized in order to change strips?

a) The slowdown of vehicle number 4.

B) The slowdown of vehicle number 5.

C) The ribbon replacement of the vehicle number 2.

D) To pass the number 1 to the right.

19-Which vehicle is wrong according to the face?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

D) 4

20) If there is no case, which lights must be burned at night on the roads outside the settlement?

a) Emergency warning lights.

b) Fog lights.

c) Parking lights.

D) Lights showing far.

21- What is it called for a short time to stand a passenger?

a) Pause

b) Don't stop

C) Waiting

D) Parking

22-If there is no sign, for the vehicle in the shape of the divided roads outside the settlement, what is the maximum speed limit per hour?

A) 100 B) 90 C) 110 D) 120

23-What is the name of the road to the road?

a) Two -way road

b) Connection path

c) One -way highway

D) Divided Highway

24-What is the meaning of the sign of the traffic officer in the form for the driver?

A) Fellas B) Late C) Slow D) Right to the right and stop

25-The driver who cares about car care contributes to?

a) Increasing fuel consumption.

b) Increasing traffic density.

c) Increasing noise pollution.

D) Increasing environmental pollution.

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