Gymnastics for shoulder and neck pain

In general, the muscles are stretched due to stress or unhealthy sleep can cause pain on the shoulder and neck. It can cause trauma in moving our neck with a motion. This is usually very common in traffic accidents. The effects of this condition can be reduced by making correct gymnastics movements. This danger can be prevented by paying attention to the amount of sleep.

Shoulder Exercises

Right with our hand holding the edge of the table and leaning out lightly.

With our right hand, pushing our academy arm from the bottom up from the front, lift up from the front and count to five.

Negot exercise

Hands are put on our forehead, trying to push our heads forward with our hands we try to prevent. This application is realized up to 10 of us and we leave it 3 times.

Our hands are held parallel to our ears and try to push our heads back with our hands. We count this application up to 10 of us and leave it 3 times.

Our right hand is put on the right side of our heads and the head of the right side is tried to prevent our right hand, we try to prevent the same application with the left side of our head and left hand.

Our right hand on the back of our heads in our left hand in our left temple.

In addition, we need to pay attention to the need to walk regularly for a regular and saved life and to protect from discomfort such as hernia.

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