Can we lose weight by eating dessert

Is it possible to lose weight while eating?

Of course it is possible to lose weight in correct and regular nutrition. When you include your own in a certain slimming program, you can reward yourself with milk light desserts once in a while.

There is no sherbet dough desserts always cause us to gain weight. There are plenty of flour, sugar and fat in them. (You can find the daily food you need to get by making daily calorie calculation.)

Approximately a baklava is around 600 calories. Considering the amount of calories we need to take daily to lose weight and considering that we take half of this calorie from a portion of baklava, it is not possible to eat this dessert and lose weight. In the carbohydrate that enters more than the need of the body, it turns into fat in the fat storage, so weakening, such heavy desserts are not weakened by defeating such heavy desserts.

You can prepare for ourselves diet and light desserts. .

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