What words are told to men who leave

To be abandoned as the worst feeling in the world as a few days after a few days after the pain gradually begins to replace the pain. The ambition they have experienced. If the person who leaves without making any explanation without saying anything, the person who is abandoned without any explanation predicts the reason. There is a aspect that one who leaves without a new person in his life no longer likes a habit that the person does not like.

Words to be said to the man who leaves

_gittin you lost

_ Her night passes you with my curse every day I end up with my curse I wiped you out of my life and you live in my curse and curses

_Em my eye is black, I value my beloved, I love that I value, you did not know my value now you are worth the value of yourself in the street corners.

_ I loved you so much, I couldn't forget in time, or now. You come when you look at my dog ​​in the house, but I think of

_ As much as I upset you in this damn life in this damn life as you upset me as you upset you then you understand maybe to love and upset

_Sen for me now you are only one of the one -second figures in movies. I'm looking for a leading actor for my life now

_bana that heavy words you use will turn around and return to you as VAT. While you account for them, I will laugh at you

You are a personality as incapable of _O. You are too blind to see your own mistakes, too ungrateful not to deserve love

_ If I spit on your face, you will say thank goodness, you will only laugh. You are not human, you can understand them

_Kimseye not this hatred only if I did not love myself, a big world inside me is now hell now you do not burn you will be embarrassed in front of me

_ Do you right in your life, I feel good on my hatred, I will hit the hearts of curse

_Ariliklar bend your waist my words do not make your face laugh. My last word to you, live with you with an lapful pain that I live.

_ I finished the time now, I look at my face again, my last letter to you, this is not the destroyed of my name in my life

_ _Sababız is not over, we have sins, we will burn together ...

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