What to do to get a girl

If you like a girl, you should tell her that, otherwise not telling you, keeping it inside it will give you trouble. You should gain the attention of the person you like.
To be in friend environments, let it notice you. You should find out if he has a lover, the rest is left to your ability to be sincere with a friend's environment, or you can ask between a joke.

Do not join yourself during the proposal and tell me when you are comfortable. Motivate yourself to chat with him, introduce yourself thoroughly in the first conversation and use impressive sentences, making successful jokes make it easier for you to get the lead in the eyes of girls, girls like humorous boys, but if you have a humor ability to use unnecessary and repulsive jokes do not like anyone, compliment him to conquer his heart. The lady likes the compliment, but this event has a place and time, not like a child, but if you compliment like a man who likes the other person.

Important Point: Do not exaggerate when I say I will compliment, everyone knows more or less, if you call a brunette girl "you have hair like gold", it would be funny, not compliment.

Important Point: Do not fall into a stupid state when I say I will make a joke. Girls like smart boys who make jokes, don't like the driving types that make cold jokes.

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