How girls like boys

Girls have a type of male who usually dreams. Apart from this type, boys are particularly repulsive.

someone who is waiting for the man of his dreams, you look at that he has made a boyfriend he said is not a type. A woman is not together because she is handsome with only one man. Every woman's dreams are different. Colorful -eyed, romantic, polite and non -financial shortage of men are in the first place. Being with a man with full confidence is not granted to everyone.

Men's types that attract women at first glance

1) Men with neck vessels whose neck is not too thick.

2) Men with light muscular arms that are not too muscular.

3) A man who knows his sympathetic and smile

4) Those with a flat and light muscular belly are preferable.

5) Friendly caring and friendly types.

6) Stable men with full personal care.

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