Harm of wearing heels

High heel is beautiful

Heeled shoes is an indispensable beauty element for ladies. Heeled shoe -length is more than a long manifestation of the body. Especially thin -heeled shoes have been indispensable for models and fashion shows in every period.

Of course, there are some damages as well as the benefits of wearing heels. It is recommended that women who will stand for a long time should not wear heels.

Wearing heeled shoes, a good wallet to be expensive, also requires effort to walk balanced. Careless movements can damage the ankle. It is harmful to the spinal cord in the long run. The wrong -chosen shoe causes the fingers to be crushed and undesirable results such as finger sinking rise.

Danger in your closet

Some clothes and accessories, which are frequently preferred by ladies, are harmful to the body:

1- Heels shoes. (Foot and wrist pains)

2- Narrow jeans squeezing the waist. (Belly and low back pain)

3- Wet swimsuit and bikinis (don't forget to be installed even in a hot environment)

4- narrow bras (incorrectly selected bra raise a risk of breast cancer)

5- Lingerie made of narrow or bad material. (risk of infection)

6- Ensure corset selection (corset is useful to your body, it will damage if it is chosen wrong)

In particular, pregnant women wear heels will cause back pain. Although it is insignificant in the first months of pregnancy, it is absolutely harmful after the 3rd month.

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