What to do against sagging while weakening

In the weight of weight loss stage, tissues reduce the metabolic rate in the muscles. Therefore, sagging occurs.

Excessive weight loss is not possible to prevent skin sagging, this problem can be alleviated. Using the right exercise program in this period is very important. Cardio studies should be helped to recover the skin by adding an invertal work program. If there is a sagging that will disturb the person after weakening, you can get rid of this problem with a small operation.

Cures that prevent sagging while losing weight

Rosemary Oil: 1TTAT spoon of rosemary oil, 1 tile spoon of orange oil mixed by massage to the area that may be sagging.

Lemon: half lemon and eggs of the egg is mixed thoroughly sagging to the felt area. 30 minutes after waiting with warm water.

Coffee: 1 teaspoon of Turkish coffee, mixed with half a lemon is brought to the consistency of cream. A drop of olive oil is added to the fluid. BB>

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