Grapefruit juice slimming diet

Grapefruit, which has a fat burning feature between the fruits, has a great effect on carbohydrate diets. Since protein intake is free in the carbohydrate regime, it allows us to remove the fats in the food type foods taken as protein in the intestines and convert them into the body without any carbohydrate. If he does not reach the fat, he uses the fat stored in the body. Thus, thanks to the oils out of the oil stores weight loss with vegetable juice is easier.

Grapefruit is proved by experiments in the USA that weakened without diet. Every day, 1 cup of grapefruit juice and a half grapefruit by eating half a month, they did not diet next to them. In addition to this, it is inevitable that you can stay away from floury grain, sugary and extremely fatty foods and lose around 5 kilos per month on average according to your weight with grape juice. Similarly, the slimming diet with yogurt juice is also performed in .

Grapefruit Diet

Morning breakfast:

1 boiled eggs, 2 slices of bacon (thin slice), 250 ml grapefruit juice


Unlimited meat, salad and half grapefruit


Salad and unlimited meat, chicken or fish 250 ml grapefruit juice

The use of oil in salads is free of charge, provided that grapefruit juice or other beverages are absolutely not added to grapefruit water or other drinks.

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