Vestel air conditioning control price

Vestel air conditioning control can be obtained from all Vestel authorized services by specifying a model. If your new control is not controlled from the control, the receiving eye of your device is defective. If you reach the authorized service by specifying my situation, your problem will be solved. Since the price of the commander varies according to the model, the fee is around 15-150 pounds.

Since the control provides remote access only, a cheap product on the market can also be purchased. But the problem is that the air conditioner itself gives wasted money for the cheap product you buy from the market. If possible, take the control to an authorized service and ask for a new one. When the control does not work, you will be able to go back and solve the problem in the air conditioner and get your money back.

Vestel klima kumandası fiyatı kaç lira, nerden alınır

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