Bad painful words

Bad words sometimes need to be said;

If I say I'm flying happiness, there are people waiting to drop me with a slingshot.
dreams lie, laughs lie, love lies, death is real.
You told me you were a bad heart. You were right; because you were there.
You were my darling, you have gone, I gave you my dreams. But you
You played with my life at a time when I didn't expect, you don't have a bit of honor.
to be bad, don't make yourself a bad arm.
one day I will come out of the bad days, one day will come to me who do evil from this world.
I bet that I will not play again.
drink they say the mother of the sigars, so then what causes drinking smoking is the mother of what is the mother.
You came out at a time when I never expected and suddenly I didn't expect it.
Now I have filled my heart with evil, not with goodness.
You have inspired all my bad habits, thanks to you, a dark world was formed in me.
This heart is walking with separations, my body is still in my mind, I drink every night.
I curse you as much as I pray to my God, I wish you to pull the worse of what I have suffered.
I loved you by avoiding my eyes, I loved you by throwing all the evils I loved you how much I loved you all lies.
If you love you like I love you, these evils come to me, if you hate it, I curse you if you hate it ..
is over and go.
If you like the value given to you in the world as much as you like, maybe you would be a little human ungrateful.
I cry to all of the unrequited love of the broken lovers flying and curse those who go ...
my heart hurts, my longing is branding my heart how much I love you cruel.
now my heart was 2nd hand, I don't want to use it, not dear, I want to be bad like you.
you can't stop, I crush my heart and pass all the evils I burned all the ships ...
You made my life upside down, I fed all my good days with evil, thanks to you, my life was executed from the dungeon ...
Love is sometimes bad and sometimes good, according to the sherbet of memories, you are not good at all in my life, you always took part in a bad role.
We have never seen the firsts with you in my life, we have always had the end.
You are far enough to hope you, you are close enough to write your name to bad days.
I am desperate in a dungeon when you have to love you.
someday you will understand how much I love you, but I will not be me that day.
I had a girlfriend, it was very loyal to me, I had a girlfriend, it could not be as much as my dog.

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