Which worship is done in Ramadan

Each person's own religious belief is different. The way of Islam is unique. Every Muslim knows.

Especially in the month of Ramadan, the person feels closer to worship.Normal days, even if you can not perform prayer in the month of Ramadan should not neglect to pray. He is not responsible. If you know that your neighbor is hungry for everyone who has to meet the situation to meet your conscience should not be comfortable. We must pray a lot. Especially when a fasting person disrupts the fasting of the fasting as Allah does not turn rejection in our religious books.

Ramadan in the worship of worship in the worship of the worship of the worship of the flawless ttumalız .. The reward of the worship made with the congregations in the big mosques is known to be more than the reward of the worship of the worship. >

Ramazan da yapılabilecek ibadetler nelerdir

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