What are the virtues of praying

Prayer is one of the duties that are obliged to every Muslim servant. When Dünya dives into mortal affairs, the servant has duties against God.

A person who makes a prayer five times a day in front of Allah `s gratitude to him by thanking him for the haram. A person who makes it unaminant shows that he accepts the greatness of God for every prayer and makes him down to him by prostrating to him.

Virtues of Prayer

  • Prayer of a believer's grave punishment is reduced.
  • It is allowed to pass quickly through the bridge.
  • Satan stays away from a person who prayed.
  • Prayer of a Muslim in the house of abundance will be abundance.
  • Prayer will be peaceful in the house.
  • Praying allows to stay away from the forbidden.
  • Prayer relieves the pain of death.
  • Someone who performs prayer does not experience the problem of apocalypse.
  • Reduces the punishment of hell

According to their time, the virtues of the prayer

Morning Prayer: Reduces pain at the time of death.

Noon Prayer: Destruction of the Day of Resurrection.

Afternoon Prayer: Reduces the punishment of the grave. It illuminates the darkness.

Evening prayer: helps passing through the bridge.

Isha Prayer: protects from the punishment of hell.

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