The most beautiful friendship words

Friends sometimes a little bird, sometimes a beloved, sometimes a flower in the pot, but the real friend is the one who loves you more than you.

Every friendship had an angel in the sky, an angel cried in the sky for every friendship that ends on earth, let you swear to you that our angel will never cry.

In a lot of friends, you will have enemies, but remember, maybe your friend will hit you in all the enemies.

A friend is like the seaside stones, you first gather one by one, then you start throwing slowly. But you can't afford to throw some, you're one of those I can't do to throw.

friendships to the hearts of the heart of the heart of the love of the love of the love of the friend of the word, hello to hello hello hello e -friend tonight.

Be restrained in love, heart, your beloved enemy is one day, hostility to be strict, heart, the enemy will be your friend someday

I had no friends but my soul, and I only had my heart listening to my problem.

The sea is deep, the induced friendship is eternal.

The arms of friendship are long enough to embrace each other from one end of the world. Come on, let me embrace you.

There are many wishes on behalf of Baki friendship. There are hearts where even death is not considered separation. What happens if the distances have set together. There are hearts that unite in love.

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