Sahur menu for diet

Do you know that those who diet lost more weight while fasting during Ramadan and it is easier to lose weight in this way?

The person is able to provide less food in Ramadan in the month of Ramadan. Giving church is possible with low -calorie low foods and regular exercise. If we take the necessary fluid without living, we will spend no thirst and fatigue and fatigue without experiencing.

Sahur with a diet

3 cups of water (necessarily)

1 bowl soup

1 boiled egg

2 slice of cheese

4-5 olives

Unlimited cucumbers, tomatoes, greenery.

3 walnuts or 4-5 nuts

1 cup buttermilk or 4 spoons of yogurt

Sahur menu in diet

3 cups of water

1 bowl soup

5 Meatballs as much as the size of lean meat, chicken or meatballs

1 bowl of yogurt

Unlimited salad

3 walnuts or 4-5 nuts

Diyette olanlar için sahur menüleri

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