How to play hopes

eighty game is almost an ancestor game.It is a pleasant game where children can easily play without any material as they get bored with any material. For a long time, girls are playing football for a long time, but no male group united and play what game they do not think of playing.

How to play an eighty game

eighty game is one of the street games. While playing in the squares drawn to the ground and start the game is needed to start the game. The foot is advanced without pressing the lines.

History Game Rules

  • Players should not press the searched line.
  • The stone should not come to the line
  • During the tab, the stone should be dragged
  • In the second round of the game, the stone should be taken on the return.
  • It should be played by bouncing on the feet.
  • The feet cannot be made while playing özle.
  • During the game, the stone should not be bounced to a different side.

Other street games names

  • eighty
  • Wipes grabbing
  • rope jump
  • Burning ball
  • Location grabs
  • istop
  • How many
  • rabbit
  • musket
  • eight stones
  • Valeyball
  • SekSek Oyunu nasıl oynanır ,kısaca

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